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spotlight: rama

by Cup of Change on 03/29/10

In a segment called Spotlight, we focus on the shelter children, volunteers, staff and those with a story to twll. Today we spotlight Rama.  When first meeting Rama, you can feel she has a presence about her that is all her own, a quiet strength.  In our recent project writing letters to Michelle Obama, Rama put her English skills to work writing a heart-felt note to the First Lady.  Through a letter in her own words, here is a sliver into Rama's world.

"Respected Mrs. Obama,

I am Rama Budhatokhi. I was in the Women's Foundation at the age of five and now I am sixteen years old. I have just finished the school level exam and passed it too. I am in 11th grade now, and I have just joined 10 + 2 recently. There is a dreamer inside every person because dreams are a reflection of what we want or what we wish to achieve in our life. My home, Women's Foundation, have gave me the suggestion to dare to dream because dreams provide the extra motivation to reach our destination of success and develop in us the willingness to work hard even when our path seems full of obstacles. Because of this, I have made up my mind  to be a good social worker in my future. 

For me, Women's Foundation is a powerful place that gives me a glimpse of hope and makes me see light at the end of a dark tunnel.  So, all of us children are greatly thankful to our creator for making us capable to bring majestic charm on our face through their love and heartfelt words to us and I am sure that Women's Foundation has made me capable of facing what is in store for me.

I felt very excited when I hear about making the playgrounds and quite emotional too.  I am most excited about the badminton court.  Now I want to ask you some questions, but please don't feel sad reading this.  I have heard that you love your daughters very much. Can we get a chance to be your daughters and receive a visit to our destination please? Can you support Women's Foundation so that it can help thousands of more poor people like us?

Anyway, my ideas are that you read my letter and feel very proud too and I am in hope of reply."

Your Friend,
Rama Budhathoki
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