Projects 2010 Photo Journal.

The area for the basketball court, covered in corn. To be harvested in the next five days.The new space for the library! The building was donated by Women's Foundation and Cup of Change will outfit the space with library furniture and books galore.Meeting with the shelter children to talk about the summer 2010 projects. They happily approved and the excitement begins...Meeting with two members of Nepal's National Volleyball Team (Men & Women's Teams). We met with them for advice of building the bball and vball court at the shelter. They even offered to give the kids lessons!The children are eager to see the projects take shape and are always around to offer helping hands.We captured photos of all the mothers and children to use as decoration in the new library.Here is a picture of Manju, one of the many children living at the Thali shelter.Here is a picture of Bimala and her daughter Susmita. The shelter mothers begin to harvest the vegetables from the basketball court area. We cannot begin to build until all the vegetables are cleared.Madov, an engineer working with the Women's Foundation, helps us to measure the space for the court and estimate costs.We purchased Mix-Brown carpet for the library! Women's Foundation contributes half for the whole-sale carpet and we all agree on the color.We hired three different carpenters to make furniture for our library. #1 made bookshelves, #2 made tables and #3 made a desk, cabinet and notice board. Maheela Cooperative will donate 30 floor cushions to the new library. They will provide the fabric and tailoring and this is what the finished product will look like. Thanks Maheela!With bookshelves and carpet purchased and electricity and plumbing being installed, we head to Room to Read to make the most important purchase, BOOKS!We talk to a local school principal to understand basketball poles and swings. After we head to an ironsmith near the shelter to place the order for our bball pole and tire swing.The corn is finally harvested! The children husk the ears and everyone celebrates by eating steamed ears of corn all afternoon.Work finally begins on the basektball court. The court will be 30'x30', made of brick, concrete and plaster. This worker is transporting dhokos (baskets) of bricks.Sarita stands under the cool breeze of the ceiling fans and light of the new electricity that finished being installed today.The plumbing is almost complete. This fix will ensure that no rain can leak in during monsoon season, which had happened in other buildings. The books will be safe!Room to Read had only 46 books in stock, so we headed to another store to purchase 300 more Nepali books in addition to the 150 books we had packed in our suitcases.The outline of the basketball court takes shape. The children are so excited to slamdunk...or atleast shoot hoops!Progress is slow on the court due to the many rainy days during monsoon season tis year.To celebrate the new court being underway, we head to a local store to purchase basketballs, volleyballs, a hoop, net and volleyball net.Our book orders are ready! Now they will be leveled into categories based on reading levels. The easist level is red (picture books) and the hardest level is yellow (chapter books).Librarian Gita begins to write each book into the official library register. It will take her a few days to catalogue all 500 books.The children can't wait for the library to open. They sneak peeks at the books every chance they find.The bookshelves arrive! They are huge and we hope the books will fill the massive shelves. It takes about 8 of us to move just one bookshelve.The tables and the floor cushions arrive as well. The library is actually starting to look like a library as the children put the covers on the new cushions.We decided to purchase some extra seating so the library can accomodate more children. So we bought these eco-friendly stools from a mom and pop shop.The last of our furniture is ready from the carpenter. We load it into the blue tractor to be delivered to the shelter. This is the main method for moving oversized materials in Nepal. Ram will ride in the back to ensure nothing falls out.The basketball court has been a challenge. Another truck load of sand arrives to help soak up the water. We need to make sure the rain doesn't wash away our progress.Even the monsoon rain didn't stop us from venturing around town. Today we had to pick up some last-minute requests from the librarians.The children are great helpers. Here they are lending a hand to properly place the books on the shelf by level. This is an excellent hands-on way to teach them how to care for the books as well!Decorations begin to adorn the walls. With the help of WF staff, we be sure the holes are the right height and the nails are strong enough for the cement block walls.To continue the momentum with the children and garner even more excitement, we help the children make books about themselves that will be stored in the library too.Meanwhile, work on the court continues to move slow. We need some sunshine and hard workers ASAP.With opening day just a few days away we begin to decorate the library. Almost all of the children come to help and with that many hands we can get alot done!The children take a break to work on a small surprise they have planned for the donors...a way to say thank you from many mileas away.Chaska and Leeza finish up the last minute details. Here we buy an apple tree to correspond with one of our read-a-louds, The Giving Tree, which is also the theme of our library.The basketball pole, volleyball poles and tire swing are completed. Here we are buying a tire for the new tire swing. If the rain stops, we can install them before opening day!Opening Day! The children have waited an entire month for this day. This pictures shows our giving tree, adorned with all the names and photos of all shelter residents.The day includes story read-a-louds from house mother and librarian, Shiva Maya. She reads a book in Nepali named The Angry Shirt.Chaska reads the final book, also the chosen theme of the library, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.The children listen intently and try to answer questions about the books in English and Nepali.Renu, President of Women's Foundation, helps to translate the moral of the story to be sure it is understood in both languages.The children show off their thank you surprise to the donors. A thank you from around the world is the message they want to give everyone who helped make their library become reality.It's hard to fit everyone in the picture since there are so many children!We plant an apple tree in honor of our Giving Tree theme. This tree symbolizes if they take good care of the library and books, it will take good care of them with knowledge and stories from around the world.Everyone watches as we plant the apple tree to mark this special occasion. We hope the children will remember this day fondly for years to come.We hand out big, juicy apples to everyone to enjoy at the end of the ceremony.We bought 80 apples for the ceremony and we had just enough for everyone.Dijeeri and Rachana love the delicious treat. The children love fresh fruit and we were lucky that apples are in season in Nepal.Though the court wasn't 100% complete for opening day, alot of progress had been made. In just a few more days the court will be ready for the children.The children say thank you for their new basketball court. They are anxiously awaiting the cement to dry and the playing to begin!
[see the difference a little change can make]
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