Worthwhile Wednesdays celebrates good times and great causes. Each month we feature a local venue and different charity, here, there and everywhere. Check out the organizations we have helped, thanks to your support. [Drink a cocktail. Save the world.]

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Nashville For All Of Us
We are an independent, diverse community coalition that challenges each other’s perspectives and informs and shapes public policy to promote a productive, just and welcoming Nashville for all.

Cool People Care
CoolPeopleCare exists to motivate and educate people in order to mobilize them to change their worlds. Our underlying philosophy that guides all we do is:

We believe in the power within every human being.
We believe in the power within every group of human beings.
We believe in the power within every healthy community.
We believe in the power within every meaningful society.

The Community Foundation
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee brings good people and good causes together to help ensure both the excellent stewardship of donor funds and the wise investment of grants in the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee that we serve. The Community Foundation puts the joy back in giving by making it comfortable, convenient and cost-effective to give, and by harnessing the flexibility available through The Foundation to create a giving vehicle best suited to a donor’s goals.